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The Harpactognathus is one of the species of flying reptile that is featured in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, A notable one mostly is Roger, who assists Buck and the opossums to rescue Sid over at Lava Falls.


The species are seen throughout the film, mostly to provide as background characters in the Dinosaur world until later when Sid is stranded at Lava Falls. Buck, Crash and Eddie then ride one, enabling them to fly over in time to save him before he plummets over the falls. Due to it being the first time Buck had flown a pterosaur in his life, they often had mishaps such as crashing into the ice ceiling afterwards. They also are less dangerous and more friendlier from other flying reptiles around in the Dino world.


Illustration of an actual Harpactognathus


  • A common mistake made by most people is that this particular pterosaur is referred to as a Pteranodon. While it has a similar-looking crest, it has teeth in its beak (very unlike Pteranodon, whose name actually means "Wing without teeth") and a long tail with a diamond-shaped tip.
  • Fans of the Ice Age franchise nickname the one Harpactgonathus "Roger" because of Crash and Eddie's misunderstanding of Buck's phrase "Roger", as in "OK".
  • Even though this species of pterosaur are also carnivorous as with the pterosaur species that chase them; the one Buck, Crash and Eddie ride on doesn't eat them.
  • They have 44 teeth in their beak.


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