Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs SoundtrackCover

This page is for the Soundtrack of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. All composed by John Powell.

Track List Edit

1. Code Blue 2. Pregnant 3. Leaving the Gerd 4. The Cavern 5. Magic Eggs 6. Egg Roll 7. The Cliff 8. Sid's Kids 9. Nest 10. Playground 11. Scrat Finds Furry Love 12. Momma 13. Entry to Lost World 14. Dinosaur Vista 15. Meet Buck 16. Flower of Death 17. Nose Job 18. Trek 19. Chasm of Death 20. Big Smelly Crack 21. We Shall Raise Them Vegetarian 22. CampFire Stories 23. Flashback 24. Nite Nite 25. You'll Never Tango 26. Head Crossing 27. Plates of Woe 28. Battle Cry 29. Buck's Theme 30. Battles 31. Over the Falls 32. Rescues 33. Alone Again (naturally), song 34. To the Portal 35. Rudy Fight 36. Farewell 37. Out of this World 38. Buck Returns 39. Welcome to the Ice Age 40. At Home with the Scrats 41. The Call of the Siren Acorn 42. True Love for our Hero 43. End Credits 44. You'll Never Find A Love Like Mine, song

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