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Ice Age 3 Wiki is a Wiki all about Ice Age 3. Anyone can edit or create articles, but this wiki is for Ice Age 3 o
Ice age 3

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News Flash!!

  • Recently I have discovered there is going to be an Ice Age 4! It will be called 'Ice Age: Continental Drift'. Good news for all Ice Age fans!
Info: A continental drift is when the continents drift together and apart. The movement of the continents is unnoticeable, however, as they move a few centimetres a year. However, over millions of years, the continents move a significant distance, joining together and breaking apart.

If you have your own Ice Age news, contact Toothless99 and I may put it on the main page.

Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is the third film in the Ice Age series. New characters are introduced along with a whole new world!

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Featured Article


Buck is a weasel and he is generally crazy. He still helps the gang through the perils of the Dino World, though, and flies a Pterodactylus with Crash and Eddie to save Sid. In a battle with Rudy, Buck knocked out one of Rudy's teeth, but Rudy also clawed out one of his eyes, so he wears a patch.


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Did you enjoy Ice Age 3?

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Should Rudy find a mate in Ice Age 4?

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If you were in Dino World, would you be...

The poll was created at 11:23 on September 12, 2010, and so far 43 people voted.

Rudysnowflake's blog post gave me the idea about the second blog. Well done Rudysnowflake!

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1st October: Rudy becomes the new featured article!

2nd October: Disney14ph12 is given rollback and sysop rights by Toothless99

22nd October: 20thCenturyFoxLover is given rollback rights by Toothless99

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