If you have seen Ice Age 3, take the following quiz to see how much you remember:

1. How many Baby Dinos are there?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

2. What is the full name of the crazy weasel from Dino World?

a. Buck

b. Buckminster

c. Crash

3. What is the name of Ellie's baby?

a. Peaches

b. Watermelons

c. Pineapples

4. What type of dinosaur is Momma Dino?

a. Tyrannosaurus

b. Spinosaurus

c. Velociraptor

5. The Baby Dinos are Eggbert, Shelly, and ...

a. Yolk

b. Yoko

c. Rudy

6. Where do dinosaur mums raise their babies?

a. Lava Falls

b. Jungle of Misery

c. Plates of Woe

7. What is Sid?

a. A sloth

b. A human

c. A possum

8. Where is Rudy missing a tooth? At the...

a. front of his mouth

b. side of his mouth

c back of his mouth

9. What do Buck, Crash and Eddie name the Pterodactyl they fly to rescue Sid?

a. Buckminster

b. George

c. Roger

10. Who pushes Rudy off a cliff?

a. Manny

b. the Baby Dinos

c. Momma Dino


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