Only Bureaucrats and founders may edit this page.


1. No creating spam, and no vandalism. If you are found to be vandalising the wiki, you will be blocked!

2. Block times are, unless stated otherwise:

1st offence: 1 week

2nd offence: 1 month

3rd offence: 6 months

4th offence: 2 years

5th offence: permanent block

2. If you find vandalism, report to the founder or an administrator of the wiki, they can delete or undo the vandalism.

3. If you vandalise the wiki five or more times, expect a permanent block.

4. If you vandalise the current featured article, you may get a very long block.

5. If you vandalise the main page, you may get a very long block.

6 If you are administrator/bureaucrat, ask permission from the founder to block a user or change their rights.

7. Unless you have the needed rank, do NOT edit this page.

8. NO fictional articles, they will be deleted and you will be blocked.

9. Do not delete articles without the permission of the founder.

10. Ask founder permission to add a picture to the Photo Gallery article, failure to do so once will result in a warning, failing twice and you will be blocked for a couple of days.


1. No offensive language, this can result in a permanent block.

2. No arguing with the founder or administrators, depending on the seriousness of the offence, you can be blocked for a long time.

3. Do not vandalise the articles with offensive language, you will be permanently blocked

Disobeying orders

1. If you disobey a direct order from the founder, you will be blocked, (and possibly permanantly blocked) with NO exceptions.

2. If you disobey a direct order from an administrator, you will be blocked, (but probably not permanantly) with no exceptions.

3. Don't be bossy to people below your rank.

Other rules

1. If you create a new article, it is your responsibility to add it to the list of articles. You won't be blocked for forgetting, but if you repeatedly forget to do so, you will be blocked, though only for a day or two. If you don't know how to edit the All Articles page, contact the founder or an administrator.

2. Ask the founder before adding an external link. If you don't ask, the link will be removed.

3. Do not add videos to the articles or the main page. Only featured articles get videos, and you shouldn't be editing the main page. (Not without founder permission, anyway)

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