On this page's discussion page you can vote for a featured article. Remember, when you add a vote, give it a Heading 3 title. Don't delete other votes.

August 2010

Featured Article (FA) for August: Scrat

Reason: Chosen by the founder

September 2010

There were no votes for September 2010, so the founder picked -

Baby Dinos

October 2010

No votes, so I picked Rudy.

November 2010

Voting for November's FA begins 26th October and closes 31th October. Place your vote on the talk page, remembering to sign with your username. (find 'insert', and click 'Signature') Votes outside the voting period won't be counted.

Note: If you are a UC go to a user with power (e.g. Founder) and ask for them to nominate the article you want as FA. They may or may not accept the nomination.

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