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Skin Colour

Albino white

Eye colours

Red and yellow

Role in the Story

Main villain


Anything meat (carnivore)



Interesting Fact

In the film Rudy is larger than Momma Dino. However, in real life, Tyrannosaurus Rex (Momma Dino) was a few metres bigger than a Baryonyx (Rudy)

"He's relentless! He knows all, sees all... eats all!"
―Buck describing Rudy

Rudy is a massive Baryonyx that lived in an underground world during the Ice Age, appearing in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs as the main antagonist. He is also Buck's nemesis. He again appears in the video game of the same name, where his role is exactly the same as in the movie.


Background StoryEdit

When Buck, a weasel, had fallen into the dinosaur world, a gigantic albino Baryonyx came out of the shadowy jungles to attack Buck, and succeeded in severely damaging Buck's eye. To escape the dinosaur, Buck climbed a tree that reached a massive height above the clouds of the dinosaur world, but Rudy managed to catch Buck and swallowed him whole. Before Buck was in the dinosaur's stomach, he managed to claw his way out of Rudy's throat, holding onto his uvula (the "gross, pink, fleshy thing that dangles at the back of the throat"), and projecting himself out of Rudy's jaws, knocking out one of Rudy's teeth as he did. Buck used the tooth as a weapon from there on, and Rudy recurred in Buck's dreams and thoughts continuously. Rudy has been shown to have held a grudge on Buck for taking his tooth and Buck seems to hold a grudge on Rudy for taking his eye, in fact they greatly despises each other.

Arrival of the HerdEdit

Rudy had managed to track down the herd of mammals that had come into the dinosaur world, and tried to eat them all, but was thwarted by Buck, who fended him off before tying him down to the ground. Rudy broke loose and almost attacked the herd before he was stopped by Momma Dino, a female Tyrannosaurus Rex, who forcefully pushed him away far enough until he fell off a nearby cliff and promptly fell to his doom. Buck was distraught at the disappearance of Rudy, but accepted it and left the dinosaur world with the herd before he heard a familiar roar: Rudy had survived (it is unknown how he survived it could be he climb out). Buck returned to the dinosaur world at once and spent his time happily fighting off Rudy from that point on. Buck was, from that point forward, often seen fighting Rudy in any number of ways, including riding his back much to Rudy's chagrin.

Curiously, despite the grudge he holds against Rudy, Buck appears to hold a respect for him, such as saying goodbye after putting temporarily throwing away the tooth. Surprisingly the only two in the Dinosaur Valley that show the courage to stand up to Rudy are Buck and Momma.

In the gameEdit

  • In the Ice Age 3 Video Game, Rudy is one of three bosses; the other two are an Ankylosaurus and a Chasmosaurus. Unlike other bosses needing to be shot by projectiles, Rudy is defeated by making rocks collapse on him and daze him.

Rudy's conditionEdit

Rudy suffers from albinism. Vision problems in albinism result from abnormal development of the retina and abnormal patterns of nerve connections between the eye and the brain. It is the presence of these eye problems that make Rudy's own eyes red and possibly is the reason for the sagging skin under his eyes. Because of this, he stays in dark places in the dinosaur world or hunts at night for prey to avoid extra light because his faulted eyes are prone to hypersensitivity. Rudy also apparently has a case of extreme gigantism, average Baryonyx are relatively small predators while Rudy is many times larger than the hugest of his kind. Radiation, or another chemical or environmental factor are likely causes for his unusual size. Despite his abnormal growth, Rudy shows no ill side effects from his conditions besides albinism and sensitivity to light. Though he is enormous, he is capable of extreme speed and agility, and is immensely strong.


Rudy was a giant Baryonyx that had pursued the weasel named Buck in the past, his attempts having left a lasting impression on Buck, who had since revered Rudy as a worthy opponent. Rudy, like most other dinosaurs, didn't speak the language of other animals, though had no need to, as he could easily be read by his actions and the expressions on his face. He eyed all other creatures that he encountered as prey. Vicious in nature, Rudy was constantly on the hunt and quick to attack others. Some creatures were brave enough to attack Rudy, such as Buck and Momma Dino.

He was very big for a Baryonyx, Rudy was larger even than the Momma Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the biggest carnivorous dinosaurs ever. It is possible that he was a Suchomimus. Rudy speaks a language that consists of either loud growls or roars as most other dinosaurs usually did. Rudy had a long snout filled with large sharp teeth, though the skin on the front of his snout is cracked, as Buck had knocked out one of his teeth, and his forearms were equipped with giant, clawed three-fingered hands. Rudy is often stated to be roughly 60ft long. However when compared to Manny or Ellie (who are each about 16-18ft long), he is roughly six times there size. also, in the commentaries to Ice Age 3, the filmmakers explicitly stated that Momma is twice as large as a real T.rex, about 80ft. Rudy is about half as big again and thus is approximately 120ft long. In Buck's story when Buck climbs up a high tree over the clouds it showed that Rudy had a fin, which supports the idea that Rudy is an Spinosaurus. However, if one looks closely in the same scene of Buck's story, it's actually Rudy's neck and back. The filmmakers also confirmed that Rudy is a Baryonyx. His large size may be due to the Dinosaur World having more oxygen that the world above.


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