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Scratte is a new character in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

She first appears when Scrat is chasing his acorn at the beginning, and when Scrat takes the acorn, she cries, and Scrat gives it over. Then, when he gets the acorn back and Scratte falls into a chasm, he jumps down to rescue her, however, Scratte takes the acorn and shows that she can glide using flaps of skin between her arms and legs.

Later Scrat dumps Scratte into the dinosaur world, she bounces several times with her large butt before finally hitting a rock. In a daze she watches with jealousy as Scrat returns to the ice world. He teases her from up above with the acorn and marches away having emerged victorious. Moments later a growl is heard and Scratte's eyes grow worried. The next shot shows a large male T-rex laying down happily with his big belly. It reveals to be Scratte in his belly, showing villains always lose. She squirms and wiggles but cannot get out so she is forced to lay defeated as the T-rex's belly slowly digests her. In an alternate ending, she found a light from a hole in the ground. Scratte sees that it is a portal to an alternate universe, goes through it, and the portal disappears into oblivion.

Scrat will continue to appear in the series, however Scratte will not since Scrat defeated her and clearly has no more feelings for her, even though she still had feelings for him. And she cannot appear because she was last seen being digested in the belly of a male T-rex, safe to say there is no way Scratte could have escaped her fate from the bottom of the T-rex's belly. Or she was Crushed under Mr. Incredibles belly in a seperate canon. Either way she is deceased and not to return.

Trivia Edit

  • Scratte is weak, cowardly, un-intelligent and deceased, the exact opposite of Scrat who is strong, brave, intelligent and alive.
  • Scrat was picked as a fan favorite over Scratte.
  • Scratte has a large butt, lots of make-up and puffed up breast fur, meant to appear sexy for Scrat, even though he saw through her tricks.
  • In a bloopers episode Mr. Incredible is seen trying to get out of bed, due. to his large weight, and accidentally crushes Scratte, who was causing mischief in the house, under his belly.
  • In both of Scratte's scripted deaths she is killed by a belly, either swallowed into the belly of a male T-rex or crushed under the weight of Mr. Incredibles belly.

Top TrumpsEdit

Scratte has a card in the Ice Age Top Trumps.

  • Courage: 2/50
  • Friendship: 5/100
  • Ferocity: 5/20
  • Mischief: 8/10
  • Size: 1/5
  • Description: Fast, tricky, and determined, Scratte is new on the scene and is already using her feminine wiles to give Scrat some tough competition. Suddenly he's not the only one in the Ice Age with a love for nuts, and Scratte has a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve...
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