Below is a short story I wrote about Scrat. You can comment about it, whether you think it's good, how I could improve it, etc.

Scrat bounded down the tree, on its branches, to the bottom of dino world. Raising his nose into the air, he sniffed for Scratte and his precious acorn. He picked up the scent rather quickly, and he scampered along the ground, towards them. ROOOOAAARRRR! Scrat ducked and dived, trying to avoid being stepped on by Momma Dino. Then he ran straight into three mini Momma Dinos. They opened their mouths, revealing sharp teeth. Aaaargh! Scrat ran away. Eventually he lost them. Grrrr. He had also lost the acorn. Annoyed, he dived into a tree hollow, and slept there for the night.

Next morning, he sniffed for the acorn again, and followed its scent. This time he found the acorn. And he found Scratte. He hid behind a tree, similar to the way he had done when first seeing her in the Ice Age. He waited patiently, until Scratte turned away. Then, he darted forward, grabbed the acorn, and ran off. He swung from vine to vine and returned to the Ice Age. But, just as he was on the last vine, he heard a squeak from behind him. He lost concentration momentarily, and the acorn escaped his grasp. It fell back into Scratte’s hands.


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